Action Research Project

In 2018 ICV designed and launched an action research project to evaluate the effectiveness of our community development program. The research project will run for two years (August 2018 – June 2020) and will answer the question:

‘How does ICV’s approach strengthen understanding and implementation of governance to empower communities to achieve their dream?’

This topic was chosen to align with a keen area of interest for our staff, and a substantial spike over the past two years in the number of communities selecting activities relating to governance and leadership.

Fourteen communities have provided letters of support for the research project, indicating a desire to co-author case studies of the changes that occur in their communities while working with ICV. A thematic, meta-analysis of the case studies will be developed. Regular team meetings will allow for structured learning together, feeding back what we discover to the communities involved to improve our community development practice.

We have received approval from the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS) Ethics Committee for the research project. The ethics application process has reinforced existing ICV practices and highlighted how we can use not just our community development program to benefit communities, but how our M&E and research can benefit communities also.

Stories and evidence from the communities

Mad Mob: culturally endorsed and strongly governed

Littlewell: strength in shared strategic vision

Blue Mountains ACRC: sustainable enterprise

Midwest Yamaji Aboriginal Music Inc