Meet Téa and Belle

Meet Tea, aged 11 and Belle, aged 8.  These two budding entrepreneurs have teamed up to create a socially conscious business with support from their parents and ICV.

Téa&Belle is a new Indigenous Australian clothing collection established in the spirit of reconciliation, acknowledgement and respect.

With an emphasis on Indigenous culture and imagery, Téa&Belle embraces the kookaburra (derived from the Wiradjuri word “guuguuburra”) as its logo. The kookaburra is a healer of the past, an image significant to Australia and its journey for reconciliation with its past.

Just like the Kookaburra's bubbling laugh, Tea&Belle's logo represents joy and hope for recognition, an action so important to the future success of all Australians.

When you buy an item from Téa&Belle, packages include bespoke cards which explain the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander origin of the words and stories associated with your product.

And the unique stamp "your product has travelled over many Indigenous Nations" hopes to educate people in increasing their understanding of acknowledgement and reconciliation. 

ICV is excited to be working with Téa&Belle, providing business development support. 

You can purchase Téa&Belle products at